Monday, May 23, 2011

parsnips and cherries and the bomb and the end of the world

Recently I added parsnips to the grocery list. Do most people even know what parsnips are? Could you find them in the grocery store if they weren't labeled? They look like large white carrots. I put them in a parsnip and split pea stew that I make, and it is tasty - I see that look of doubt on your face. But David, my husband, couldn't read my handwriting and bought papayas instead. Needless to say, I made another trip to the grocery store since papayas would not have worked in the stew. Then David complained about my handwriting. This is from the man who once put "hairs not" on the grocery list. This was in the early 1990s when we were first living together, long before cell phones were common. I got to the store and had no idea what he wanted. When I got home I asked him and his answer was "It doesn't say 'hairs not', it says 'hair snot'". Oh, thanks for the clarification. He called the hair gel that he used then "hair snot" and that was what he wanted me to buy.

Since I'm on a roll with food, David bought the first cherries of the season last week. Fresh cherries are great - one of the things that I look forward to in late spring and early summer. Now that I think about it, I like almost all fruit. (I know, insert your favorite gay joke here. I once joked that I brought the ideal food to a lesbian and gay mixer - fruit salad.)

One of my patients emailed me today to thank me for refilling her medication. She said that I was "the bomb." Hmmm, I'm pretty sure that's a compliment, but I've never called anyone "the bomb" before. The patient is older than I am, so I am guessing that she picked it up from her 20 something kids.

Oh, and the world didn't end on Saturday. Will these doomsday cults never end? I guess that I shouldn't say more about religion so that I won't offend people.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back

After over 2 months I am finally back. I wasn't planning to take a long break but it just seemed to happen. Work got very busy, family life was busy, you know how it goes.

My son and I took a vacation to visit my parents during his spring break. My dad annoys my husband too much for David to come along. The two of us had a good trip, but I left Leo's favorite bathing suit - the one that is too small - at home and he decided that he didn't want to go to the beach, which is normally one of his favorite places, in the other bathing suit. I got to spend some time with my sister, brother in law and my niece, who is 16 months old. She never got used to me and wouldn't let me hold her. It's also amazing to me how much she looks like my sister. I'm enough older than my sister to remember what she looked like as a kid, and my niece looks like a clone of her. What's really strange is that my niece looked just like her father and not at all like my sister when she was born. Someone commented that it is adaptive for children to look like their fathers at birth - it confirms that the father is indeed the father and strengthens father-child bonds. I guess that I had not thought of it in Darwinian terms like that.

There doesn't seem to be a lot happening in gay and lesbian news lately. Next month there is a hearing in the Prop 8 trial. The pro-Prop 8 side is claiming that Judge Walker was biased because he is gay. I don't think that will work too well. Then several more months until the California Supreme Court considers whether the Prop 8 backers have standing to appeal the district court's decision. I don't think that they do, and California Attorney General Kamala Harris agreed in her amicus brief. I also hope that New York can pass marriage equality legislation. But Rhode Island failed to and seems to be headed toward Domestic Partnerships instead. And Minnesota may have a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality in 2012. More evidence of why I have never been able to trust a Republican politician.