Friday, January 20, 2012

Christopher's third novel has been accepted for publication

We received good news yesterday. Christopher's third novel was accepted for publication! I'm really proud of him. It will be titled "Second Chances" unless the title is changed during the editing process. It will be published by Dreamspinner Press, which mostly does electronic publishing but does paperbacks as well. It was to be published in August, but another book scheduled for April release had some problems, so his book will take its place.

I think that I forgot to mention that he had a short story published in a Christmas anthology, "The Advent Calendar" by MRL Press.

Christopher and I spend part of last night moving furniture so that he can continue painting the bedroom. It is amazing (and disgusting) how much dust, cat hair and various junk can accumulate behind heavy furniture that he don't move often. We slept downstairs on the pullout sofa bed, and now I know that my parents lied when they said that it was comfortable to sleep on when they last visited. And Christopher's cat decided that she was going to sleep on my pillow, then spent what seemed like 20 minutes giving herself her evening bath.

Since we weren't sleeping in our bed, Leo decided that he didn't have to sleep in his. He dragged his sheets and comforter into the hall bathroom and spent part of the night there, then came downstairs and slept on the sofa in the family room. We are not allowing that tonight.


  1. Wow!!! Congratulations to Christopher. That is a major accomplishment.

  2. Hello Burch
    Many congratulations to Christopher - even though I only write fiction 'for fun' (using the word fun loosely!) on my blog, I know how hard it is to produce anything that even pleases yourself, still less anyone else. I hope the publication is a great success.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B

  3. Thanks TwoLives and Sammy B. Yes, I'm proud of his accomplishments.

  4. WHOA! Slow down there! I'm still working on #2!!! I'll finish it this weekend, I promise! No, really, that's awesome. Congratulations to Christopher. Can't wait until it comes out, it'll be on my Kindle.

    It's funny that Leo slept in the bathroom and then moved yet again. And just because y'all weren't in your room.

    And there is NO pullout bed that is comfortable. I'll sleep on the floor first, thank you very much.

    Peace <3