Thursday, January 19, 2012

purple passion pit no more

Christopher decided to repaint the bedroom starting yesterday. We painted it soon after we moved into the house in 1999, and then faux finishes were in vogue. So the bedroom walls were purple with gold applied over it with a sponge. Yeah, it was. After a while I didn't even really see it. I joked that it was our purple passion pit. It got old though, but inertia and the busyness of our lives stopped us from repainting.

Then Christopher was given an interesting abstract painting, and we decided to repaint the room to coordinate with it and to hang the painting over the bed. But the painting has purple and turquoise in it, and we didn't want purple again and could not find a turquoise that we could tolerate. So the painting won't go over the bed, and the bedroom will be a nice grayish-blue. It will still be the passion pit though.


  1. What a round-about way to repaint the bedroom! HAHAHAHA
    My house hasn't been touched since I painted before moving in in 2002. I never even got the flowery border covered with the nice masculine astronomy border in my bedroom up!

    Peace <3

  2. Thanks Jay. The first house we bought had all decorating done by the wife - flowery, lacy curtains everywhere, a two tone pink bedroom, etc. We threw away every curtain in that place and couldn't repaint that bedroom fast enough.